Graflex Crown Graphic 4X5 View Camera

I recently picked up a new old used press camera from a bookstore here in N.D.G. (Encore Bookstore), the large format 4X5 Graflex Crown Graphic. It still had the rangefinder and viewfinder accessories and was in very good mechanical and cosmetic shape.

I wanted to test it and remembered I had some Polaroid 72 4X5 instant sheet film in my fridge from 2006. I had two minor issues, the first issue is the sheet film having expired in February 2007 and the second being the possibility of the camera not working at all. I borrowed the Polaroid 545 instant film holder and went forth with trying the camera.

Lo and behold !! The camera and the film still worked almost perfectly !!

I finally chose the best out of the 4 shots I did. That was the end of the Polaroid 72 instant film sheets for me as they have been discontinued a few years ago.

Here’s the photo:

4x5 Graflex Crown Graphic - Polaroid 72, expired Feb 2007

“Technical Data”:

Graflex Crown Graphic 4X5 View Camera

Fridge Stored Expired (02/2007) “Polaroid 72” 4X5 ISO400 Instant Sheet Film

Polaroid 545 Film Holder

About 2.5s exposure at f/6.8 with 90mm Graflex Optar W.A. Lens


And here’s the “Polaroid Goop” version of this photo:

4x5 Graflex Crown Graphic - Polaroid 72 GOOP, expired Feb 2007

Tech Note: After letting the gooey chemicals dry out, I then scanned the negative and corrected contrast and exposure in the digital domain. All the visual “effects” are from the negative sheet itself.
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